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2018-02-10 HKCC 60 Students Volunteer at 6th Peacemaker’s Cultural Celebration
2018-02-10 HKCC Two Winners of Creative Advertising Competition Ready for Internship at POAD
2018-02-07 SPEED PolyU SPEED students earned a fruitful experience in one-night cruise study tour
2018-02-04 HKCC HKCCSU Rotaract Club Members Volunteer at Dance Contest
2018-01-28 HKCC Accounting and Finance Society Joins ACCA Community Day 2018
2018-01-25 HKCC Student Leaders of Executive Leadership Programme Celebrate Achievements
2018-01-20 HKCC Design Students Display Artworks at Fish Pond Sustainable Art Festival
2018-01-19 HKCC 110 Secondary 2 Students Visit PolyU Hung Hom Bay Campus
2018-01-19 HKCC Secondary Students Attend HKCC Business Excellence Contest Guest Talk
2018-01-17 SPEED “The 18th Cross-Strait Forum on Continuing Education”
Discuss the opportunities, challenges and development trends of continuing education in the era of big data and digital media
2018-01-16 SPEED CSEAR North-Asia Hong Kong Conference 2017
From Social and Environmental Accounting to Sustainability Accounting and Responsible Investment: Emerging Research Agendas
2018-01-16 HKCC Design Students Visit Architecture and Design Company’s Showroom
2018-01-15 HKCC 33 Business Students Visit Hong Kong Disneyland
2018-01-15 HKCC Visual Communication Students’ Board Game Now on Display at PMQ
2018-01-10 HKCC 20 Tourism Management Students Join Northern Vietnam Service and Culture Explora