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2017-10-14 CPCE HKCC and SPEED Joint Graduation Ceremony 2017 - Bad Weather Arrangement
2017-09-14 SPEED PolyU SPEED 栽培語文及傳意通才
精通兩文三語 投身編譯教育傳訊公關無難度
2017-09-07 SPEED PolyU SPEED applies SAS analytic tools into Applied Sciences Degree programme
2017-09-07 HKCC Rotaract Club of HKCC Students’ Union Recruit Freshmen as Members
2017-09-07 CPCE Video on HKCC and SPEED Welcome Ceremony 2017/18
2017-08-29 HKCC Induction Programme for Freshmen
2017-08-22 SPEED 考取專業資格 晉升前景理想
PolyU SPEED會計學課程認受性高
2017-08-21 SPEED PolyU SPEED Students Won Three Grand Awards in International Logistics Case Competition 2017
2017-08-18 HKCC Five Students Appointed as Hong Kong Young Ambassadors
2017-08-08 SPEED 業界需求殷切 畢業生享專業出路
PolyU SPEED培育房屋管理學人才
2017-07-29 HKCC Rotaract Club Sixth-term ExCo Inaugurated
2017-07-11 HKCC From HKCC to Senior Year Place - I made it, so can you
2017-07-05 SPEED Applications now open for Preparatory Courses for Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE Common Law) – August 2017 intake
2017-07-05 SPEED PolyU SPEED「最佳創意大賽2017」傳媒報導
2017-07-03 SPEED PolyU-SPEED榮譽學士學位銜接課程獲理大審批 畢業生就業能力高