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PolyU-affiliated HKCC and SPEED welcome students to new academic year


PolyU President and CPCE Council Chairman, Prof. Timothy W. Tong

PolyU President and CPCE Council
Chairman, Prof. Timothy W. Tong was
pleased that CPCE’s sub-degree and
bachelor’s degree programmes can serve
the mission of “bridging the shortfall of
government-funded degree places, and
offering youngsters an alternative pathway
to pursue university education” .

CPCE Dean Prof. Peter Yuen

CPCE Dean Prof. Peter Yuen welcomed over
6,000 new full-time students joining HKCC
and SPEED.

On 3 September 2012, the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE), an affiliate of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), welcomed a total of more than 6,000 new full-time students joining its educational units, Hong Kong Community College (HKCC) and School of Professional Education and Executive Development (SPEED). The new students are enrolled in the associate degree and higher diploma programmes of HKCC, and the top-up bachelor’s degree programmes of SPEED. Officiating at the welcome ceremonies were PolyU President Prof. Timothy W. Tong, PolyU Vice President (Academic Development) Prof. Walter W. Yuen, CPCE Dean Prof. Peter Yuen, CPCE Associate Dean (Quality Assurance) Dr. Peter Walters, CPCE Associate Dean (Development) cum HKCC Director Dr. Simon Leung, and SPEED Director Dr. Jack Lo.

Addressing the welcome ceremonies in his dual capacity as the President of PolyU and the Council Chairman of CPCE, Prof. Timothy Tong said, “As a member of the PolyU community, CPCE is our extended arm in self-financed tertiary education and lifelong learning, fostering talents to meet the ever-changing demands of the local and global economy.” Prof. Tong was also pleased that CPCE’s sub-degree and bachelor’s degree programmes can serve the mission of “bridging the shortfall of government-funded degree places, and offering youngsters an alternative pathway to pursue university education”.

The year of 2012 marks a significant milestone of both PolyU and CPCE – it is the 75th anniversary of PolyU and the 10th anniversary of CPCE. Looking ahead to the future, CPCE Dean Prof. Peter Yuen said, “In close collaboration with PolyU, CPCE will play a leading role on two fronts – actively expanding its portfolio of self-financed programmes at both sub-degree and bachelor’s degree levels, as well as providing quality lifelong learning opportunities to meet the needs of our society.”

CPCE has been fully prepared for the implementation of the 3-3-4 new academic structure. Starting from this academic year, CPCE has been given the mandate by PolyU to offer honours top-up bachelor’s degree programmes. In future, SPEED will continue to expand its top-up degree programme portfolio to provide more diverse articulation opportunities for sub-degree graduates. As for HKCC, it has restructured and refined its associate degree and higher diploma programmes to better serve the needs of secondary students with HKDSE or HKALE results.

Dr. Simon Leung, Director of HKCC, said, “HKCC’s mission is to inspire students’ potential through holistic education. This is echoed by the theme of our Orientation Activities this year – ‘Only you – a Whole New Beginning’. As we believe that each of our students has unique potential, the goal of HKCC is to foster their academic and personal growth through quality PolyU-accredited programmes, well-qualified teachers, diverse co-curricular activities and comprehensive campus facilities. Over the past 9 years, HKCC has reached an average articulation rate of 76.6% with more than 9,000 graduates getting admitted to bachelor’s degree programmes. The track record of our graduates has reaffirmed HKCC’s position as the ‘preferred college offering preferred sub-degree programmes’.”

Established in 2001, HKCC offers more than 30 associate degree and higher diploma programmes spanning arts, science, social sciences, business and a number of specialised areas such as design and health care.

In this academic year, SPEED has introduced three honours degree programmes, namely BA (Hons) in Travel Industry Management, BA (Hons) in Retail and Service Management, and BSc (Hons) in Applied Ageing Studies. Dr. Jack Lo, Director of SPEED, said, “I am delighted that SPEED has reached a key development milestone, as the offering of the honours degree programmes would further enrich our programme portfolio and cater even better the different aptitudes and interests of the learners.”

Since its establishment in 1999, SPEED is committed to providing high quality programmes. Currently, it offers more than 10 top-up degree programmes which span across the disciplines of applied and media arts, applied ageing studies, business, hospitality management, housing management, marketing and public relations, professional communication, psychological studies, public administration and travel industry management. SPEED also offers short courses to interested parties for their pursuit of continuing and professional studies.

In addition, among its various collaborations with overseas universities, SPEED has been an Affiliate Centre of the University of London International Programmes since 2009. It offers preparatory programmes for Bachelor of Laws and Diploma in Law of University of London International Programmes. In the Bachelor of Laws Examinations of 2012, SPEED students achieved 2 out of the total 3 first class awards presented to the overseas students outside the U.K.


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